Texas Soft Matter Meeting

Sixth Annual Meeting

University of Houston

August 18, 2017



Jacinta Conrad, Jeremy Palmer, Megan Robertson
University of Houston

Rohan Hule, Carlos Lopez-Barron
ExxonMobil Chemical Company


Please click here for a PDF of the meeting schedule.

Invited Speakers

Lisa Biswal
Rice University
Fidget Spinning with Paramagnetic Colloids

Sarah Bondos
Texas A&M Health Science Center
Engineering and Functionalizing Protein-based Materials 

Jonathan Schaefer
ExxonMobil Chemical Company
Confocal Raman Microscopy of the In-situ Uniaxial Deformation of a Polyethylene

Nathaniel Lynd
University of Texas at Austin
Living Polymerization of Epoxides with New Mono-ยต-oxo-dialuminum (MOD) Initiators

Pradeep Sharma
University of Houston
Flexoelectricity and Electrets


We anticipate the meeting will be held from 8:30am to 5:30pm. The full program will be updated at a later date. Click here for the meeting flyer.

Meeting Overview

The goal of the Texas Soft Matter Meeting is to encourage collaboration among researchers from industry and academia in Texas who work with soft materials, ranging from polymers to soft condensed matter to biomaterials. This workshop will rotate between institutions in Texas and be held annually. Each meeting will include longer invited talks, short contributed talks, and unstructured time. We envision that this meeting will provide an interdisciplinary forum in which faculty, students, postdocs, and professionals can exchange ideas in an informal setting.

Meeting Sponsorship

Thank you to ExxonMobil for providing sponsorship for this meeting!

We are seeking additional corporate sponsors for the Texas Soft Matter Meeting. If you are interested in supporting our effort, please contact the organizer. Funds will be used to defray the cost of student travel.