Texas Soft Matter Meeting

Fourth Annual Meeting

Rice University

August 21, 2015



Rafael Verduzco
Rice University
Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering


Registration, map and directions, parking, housing and other information are located at the following link: http://texassoftmatter.rice.edu/

Meeting Overview

The goal of the Texas Soft Matter Meeting is to encourage collaboration among researchers from industry and academia in Texas who work with soft materials, ranging from polymers to soft condensed matter to biomaterials. This workshop will rotate between institutions in Texas and be held annually. Each meeting will include longer invited talks, short contributed talks, and unstructured time. We envision that this meeting will provide an interdisciplinary forum in which faculty, students, postdocs, and professionals can exchange ideas in an informal setting.

Invited Speakers

Brian M. Habersberger
Dow Chemical Company
Nonuniform Deuterium Distribution in Labelled Polymers: Direct Measurement and SANS Model

Haleh Ardebili
University of Houston
Flexible Thin-Film Battery based on Solid Polymer Nanocomposite Electrolyte

Ronald C. Hedden
Texas Tech University
Combinatorial Screening of Pervaporation Membrane Materials

Mihaela Stefan
University of Texas at Dallas
Functional Polycaprolactones for Micellar Delivery of Anticancer Drugs

Peter Wolynes
Rice University
Towards an Energy Landscape Theory of Chromosomes

Click here for full meeting program and abstracts.